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What is the media library?

September 18 2017

This article introduces the media library, which allows you to edit, view, and delete media previously uploaded to the website. The media library includes images, documents and videos.

Media library

The media library shows all of your Media in a grid as shown in the screenshot below. The media are listed with the newest uploaded media first.

The media library

Attachment details screen

Clicking on a file in the library loads the attachment details screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Media library attachment details

This screen provides the details of the attachment. The fields marked in bold below can be edited from this screen.

  • URL
  • Title The title or name of the media.
  • Caption A brief explanation of the media.
  • Alt Text The alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa” to describe the media. Used for accessibility.
  • Description An explanation of this particular media.
  • Uploaded By

Edit Media

The Edit Media page shown in the screenshot below is where you manage information about your media that is saved in the Media Library. To reach the Edit Media page, click on the Edit more details link in the Attachment details screen described above.

Media library edit media page

The Edit Media page includes the following fields:

  • Title The name of the media. A title is displayed in the File column of the Media Library Screen.
  • Permalink This is the URL of the media attachment page. There is also a link to view the attachment page.
  • Edit Image button (Image files only) allows you to make edits such as rotate, scale, and crop.
  • Caption A brief explanation of the media.
  • Alternate Text The alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa” to describe the media. Used for accessibility.
  • Description An explanation of this particular media.
  • File URL Read only display of a direct link to the media file.
  • Save module Displays information about your media, such as the upload date, web address, file name, type, size, and dimensions. Also includes actions to Delete Permanently or Update any change you have made.

Edit Image

Clicking the Edit Image button launches the image editor sub-panel, giving you access to several useful image editing controls. The edits you make to your image are non-destructive and you can restore the image to it’s original (uploaded) specifications at any time.

Media library edit image

The controls available to you in this Edit Image mode include:

  • Crop To crop the image, first click on the image and drag to make your selection. Once a selection has been made, then click the crop icon above the image to finalize the crop. You can use the Aspect ratio and Selection option to make further adjustments or use keyboard shortcuts to fine-tune your crop selection before clicking the crop icon.
  • Rotate counter-clockwise rotate the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  • Rotate clockwise Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Flip vertically Flip the image upside-down.
  • Flip horizontally Flip the image left-to-right.
  • Undo/Redo Remove or restore your last edit. You can click as many times as you want in succession to “step” through the edit history.
  • Scale Image Proportionally scale the original image. For best results, scaling should be done before you crop, flip, or rotate. Images can only be scaled down, not up. The original dimensions are displayed as a guideline above the box for entering new dimensions. Used in combination with the Crop icon, this tool allows you to make the following precise adjustments:
    • Crop Aspect Ratio: You can specify the crop selection aspect ratio then hold down the Shift key while dragging to lock it. The values can be 1:1 (square), 4:3, 16:9, etc. If there is a selection, specifying aspect ratio will set it immediately.
    • Crop Selection: Once started, the selection can be adjusted by entering new values (in pixels). Note that these values are scaled to approximately match the original image dimensions. The minimum selection size equals the thumbnail size as set in the Settings Media Screen.
  • Restore Original Image If changes have been made to an image, the Restore Original Image button allows you to discard any changes and restore the original image. Previously edited copies of the image will not be deleted. Press the Restore image to complete the action.
  • Save Use this to save the changes made to an image and return to the Edit Media screen for this image.
  • Cancel Use this to cancel any operation that has been performed on the image in the current session.

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