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Useful resources

This section of the website enables you to access and share useful resources and case studies. You can also access the profiles of other members and organisations and participate in discussions.

COVID-19 Resource HubRCGP COVID-19 Resource Hub has a growing range of free practical tools and guidance for GPs. provides useful resources related to COVID-19 in primary care settings across Greater Manchester.
We have also published a collection of useful resources related to COVID-19 on this website.

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Visit the Blogs page to view blog posts that members have shared. Starting a discussion is a great way of sharing an idea with others.
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Visit the E-learning page to view resources such as the RCGP quality improvement e-learning modules and the Practice Index eLearning HUB.
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Visit the Guidance page to view guidance documents such as those published by the CQC, NHS England, NICE and the RCGP.
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The Members page shows the profiles that members have published anout themselves. Use it to connect with other members and share quality improvement expertise.

Training resources

View information about training resources that help improve your knowledge and skills in quality improvement.
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Case studies

Visit the Case studies page to view case studies that members have shared outlining examples of improvement in general practice.
Manchester Civil Justice Centre

GM projects

The GM projects section contains information about quality improvement project case studies, members and organisations based in the Greater Manchester area.
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Improvement tools

Visit the Improvement tools page to view various tools and resources that can be used at the different stages of a quality improvement project.
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QI Quick Guides

The series of QI Quick Guides produced by the RCGP are an adaptation of the well-respected RCGP QI Guide for easy reference and use of the tools in day-to-day practice and in delivery of QI projects.
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Watch videos that can help improve your knowledge and skills in quality improvement.

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