Top tips for using this website

The GP Excellence website for Greater Manchester is part of the GP Excellence Programme which aims to support  all general practices in Greater Manchester on the journey to excellence.

If your practice has been carrying out improvement activities for a long time, or you are trying to find out where to start, this website has resources, case studies and discussions that could you could benefit from.


We have published lots useful resources that could be helpful when thinking about improving what you do in your practice. There are generic resources that are relevant to all aspecst of clinical care. There are also resources that are informed by improvement work that impacts on specific clinical areas, such as cancer, COPD or diabetes.

Have you come across any helpful resources when carrying out improvement work in your practice? Follow this link to add new resource and share it with others on thus website. This FAQ on how to publish a resource provides some useful tips to help you get started.

Case studies

If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration for what you could do in your practice have a look at the case studies we have on the site. You can filter your search to find an example of something that has been done on a specific clinical area, or which has had a specific outcome for patients or the practice.

You can also comment on the case studies, so if you have any queries for the author just ask!

If you have done something in your practice that has worked well, tell us about it by adding a new case study.

We want to know what improvement activities are happening in the general practices across Greater Manchester and what impact this is having on patients and staff. This work should be shared and celebrated and this website is the place to do this!

This FAQ on how to publish a case study provides some useful tips to help you get started.


Starting a discussion is a great way of putting a question out to a wide range of users with an interest in improving general practice.

Perhaps you are looking to make changes to the way you work but don’t know where to start. What if someone else is also looking to do something similar and offers to collaborate with you. What if someone else has already tackled the same issue and can share what they learned.  Start a discussion today and see what responses you get.

This FAQ on how to start a discussion provides some useful tips to help you get started.

Interested in reading what others have to say? Then why not have a look at the existing discussions on the website.

Quality improvement

The quality improvement section of this website contains the quality improvement wheel for primary care which illustrates the main elements to consider in design, delivery and evaluation of an improvement project.

This section acts as a guide to the stages involved in an improvement project. Each stage contains an explanation of what it involves followed by collections of resources, case studies and discussions that are relevant to it. You can also find members who have expressed an interest in that aspect of improvement work.

QI quick guides

If you are just starting out or are hoping to gain more knowledge about quality improvement the RCGP QI quick guides are a great place to start. They are an adaptation of the well respected RCGP QI Guide for General Practice into a series of short guides for easy reference and use.