• Long COVID podcast

    Dr Lisa Adams and Dr Sara MacDermott talk to GP and Professor of General Practice Research Carolyn Chew Graham about Long COVID.
  • Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: Headaches

    In the latest episode of the Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast Lisa and Sara speak to Consultant Neurologist, Dr Matt Jones about headaches.
  • Personalised Care Institute

    The Personalised Care Institute is a virtual training hub for all health and care staff to access a wide-range of flexible and accredited elearning courses and gain the knowledge and confidence to provide Personalised Care to their patients.
  • Patient information leaflet to support patients with dyspepsia

    Dyspepsia is a term that describes a collection of symptoms that affect the oesophagus (gullet), stomach or duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). This leaflet provides information for patients about non-ulcer dyspepsia, the diagnosis given to a patient who has symptoms of dyspepsia when no specific medical cause can be found.
  • COVID-19 Episode 10: Staff Risk Assessment in General Practice​

    In the latest episode of the Primary Care Knowledge Boost podcast GPs Sara and Lisa talk to Greater Manchester based GP Dr Jaweeda Idoo and Practice manager Gina Bird about their experiences of staff risk assessments in general practice at the moment.
  • COVID-19: Episode 9: Suspected Cancer During COVID-19

    In this podcast Lisa and Sara speak with Dr Sarah Taylor and Dr Viren Mehta about the challenges in general practice at the moment in assessing and investigating patients for suspected cancer symptoms.
  • Information about COVID-19 for primary care in Greater Manchester

    Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have published information about useful resources related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in primary care settings across Greater Manchester at https://gmprimarycare.org.uk/coronavirus.
  • COVID-19 Episode 7: Research into COVID-19 in Primary Care

    In this podcast, Lisa and Sara talk to doctors involved in primary care research to give an overview of what developments are happening in COVID-19 research in the community at the moment.
  • The Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: COVID-19 Episode 6: Shielding

    COVID-19 Episode 6: Shielding (supported by GP Excellence) There have been a lot of questions within primary care regarding shielding and vulnerable patients. Sara and Lisa speak to Dr Joanna Bircher and Dr Viren Mehta about the confusion and get their thoughts on the subject. In the episode we cover: ​Demystifying all of the terminology and putting it ... Read more
  • Covid-19 Time for Care support for general practice

    Practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are rapidly changing how they work. Time for Care can help you implement changes smoothly, safely and sustainably – whatever stage you are at. Fully funded support to implement rapid changes in response to COVID-19 is available for practices and PCNs to access at no charge. Benefits for you ... Read more
  • A guide for GPs considering employing a practice pharmacist

    This guide published by the Primary Care Pharmacists Association will be useufl for GPs and Practice Managers considering employing a practice pharmacist.
  • The Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: COVID-19  – Episode 5

    COVID-19 Episode 5: End of Life Care (supported by GP Excellence) A current concern for primary care clinicians is how to manage end of life care in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa and Sara are joined by Dr Liam Hosie, Dr Adam Firth and Dr Viren Mehta who have sifted through the key information ... Read more
  • The Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: COVID-19 

    COVID-19 Episode 3: Managing COVID-19 in General Practice (supported by GP Excellence) Lisa and Sara are joined by GPs Dr Viren Mehta and Dr Joanna Bircher who summarise new guidelines and evidence relevant in primary care this week. Covered this episode: Clinically recognised natural courses of COVID-19 infection Remotely assessing and risk stratifying COVID-19 patients Learning points ... Read more
  • Practice Index eLearning HUB

    The Practice Index eLearning HUB provides access to free Leadership Training elearning courses for Practice Managers. All of the Practice Index elearning courses are RCGP certified and CPD verified.
  • GP Excellence Newsletter – November 2019

    The November issue of the GP Excellence programme newsletter covers: Practice Managers’ Conference, Outstanding practices, the LGBT Foundation's Pride in Practice Awards, Courses and training opportunities, the Primary Care Awards 2019, the NNWLA Primary Care Development Fund and an update on Tier 2 Sponsorship.
  • GP Excellence Newsletter – August 2019

    The August issue of the GP Excellence programme newsletter covers: Time for Care, Outstanding practices, the new GPNEN website, Post CCT fellowships and how to apply, new quality improvement report on Sodium Valproate prescribing and an update on Tier 2 Sponsorship.
  • QOF Quality Improvement (QI) Modules – What’s it all about?

    The idea behind introducing ‘QI Modules’ rather than targets is that practices can be flexible and, mostly, work on a project that is specific to their patient needs, aiming towards an outcome that is valued by the patients and the practice, and using sound QI methods.
  • GP Excellence Newsletter May 2019

    The GP Excellence Newsletter offers the latest news and information from the GP Excellence team. The May edition features the Pride in Practice scheme, GM COPD Virtual Learning Hub, improving the prescribing of opioid based analgesia at Springfield Medical Centre and an article on the the benefits of the CPRD research initiative.
  • High dose opioids per 1000 patients – Springfield House Medical Practice

      As a practice of 10,000 patients, Springfield Medical Centre identified all patients who were prescribed opiate based analgesia at daily doses greater than 120mg. In total, 35 patients were identified and they spent the last 12 months reducing these doses down to below 120mg. So far, 29 of the patients have reduced below 120mg ... Read more
  • Reducing routine GP appointment waiting times at Pickering Medical Practice, North Yorkshire

    A North Yorkshire GP practice has managed a reduction of 47% in waiting times (from 19 days to 10 days) for routine GP appointments. The work undertaken also saw improvements in other areas, including a 15% reduction in stress levels for staff and a 12% increase in telephone consultations.
  • COPD – Greater Manchester COPD Programme

    Health Innovation Manchester is bringing together resources from the NHS, social care and pharmaceutical industry to ensure that every person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has access to equitable, high quality care. This clinician-led learning tool aims to support local GP practices in the care of patients with COPD.2 comments
  • GP Excellence Newsletter – March 2019

    The March 2019 edition of the GP Excellence Newsletter includes coverage from the GM Practice Managers' Conference 2019, details about FairChain SMS, the rollout of the NHS App, Leadership and Development Opportunities and the GMMSc in Integrated Community Healthcare and Leadership.
  • GP Excellence Newsletter – January 2019

    The January 2019 issue of the GP Excellence Newsletter includes reflections on the recent Practice Managers Conference, an article on re-thinking Patient Safety and a case study on Cornbrook Medical Practice.
  • Cornbrook Medical Practice Case Study: Networking with Local VCSO Partners

    Cornbrook Medical Practice (Cornbrook) is a multi-site GP Practice comprising of 13,000 patients, one of the largest in Manchester. The two sites are located in the heart of Hulme and Manchester City Centre.
  • NICE Chronic Heart Failure Guidelines in Adults 2018

    This guideline covers diagnosing and managing chronic heart failure in people aged 18 and over in primary care and the community. It aims to improve diagnosis and treatment to increase the length and quality of life for people with heart failure.
  • Leading Integrated Teams Programme – applications open for latest cohort

    Are you a team leader looking to develop your leadership skills and knowledge of integrated health and care? The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) are now welcoming applications for the latest cohort of our Leading Integrated Teams programme, in collaboration with Affina OD.
  • Urban Village Medical Practice Homeless Healthcare Service (incorporating the mpath service)

    Urban Village Medical Practice is a GP practice based at Ancoats Primary Care Centre on the outskirts of Manchester city centre.  As well as providing primary healthcare to over 10,000 registered general patients the team at the practice have also been providing healthcare to homeless people in Manchester since 1991.
  • GP Excellence Programme’s Newsletter November 2018

    Our latest newsletter provides an update on the work underway across Greater Manchester as part of the GP Excellence Programme
  • The General Practice podcasts

    The General Practice podcasts published by Ockham Healthcare cover a wide range of issues faced by general practitioners and colleuegs in local primary care teams.
  • RCGP Clinical Toolkits

    The RCGP clinical toolkits have been developed in partnership between the RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC) and our funding and delivery partners. They can be used to assist in the delivery of safe and effective care to patients.
  • GP Excellence Newsletter – September 2018

    The September 2018 issue of the newsletter provides an update on the work underway across Greater Manchester as part of the GP Excellence programme. It includes information about the learning and support available for your practice along with a feature on social prescribing work at the Alvanley Family Practice in Stockport and a look at the content for quality improvement work.
  • Flu vaccinations 2018: guidance and planning clinics

    With appropriate planning, all patients should be able to be offered protection before the flu season starts. The latest clinical recommendations and programme delivery guidance published by NHS England can help you and your team implement the changes.
  • Reducing harm to patients taking high risk drugs in Salford

    Practices Improving the Safety of Medicines in Salford, otherwise known as PrISMS, was a Breakthrough Series Collaborative designed to improve medication safety in 8 Salford GP practices with a view to scale up across all GP practices in Salford.
  • What is the sitemap?

    The sitemap page contains links to all of the content on the GP Excellence website for Greater Manchester in one place. This article will help you to get the most out of the sitemap.
  • Top tips for using this website

    This article provides top tips for using this website and offers a brief introduction to the resources, case studies and discussions that it contains.
  • How do I start a discussion?

    This article provides a step by step guide to adding, editing and publishing a discussion on the website.
  • How do I publish a resource?

    This article provides a step by step guide to adding, editing and publishing a resource on the website.
  • This is Manchester, we do things differently here

    "This is Manchester, we do things differently here”, how often in recent months has that quote by Tony Wilson been referenced? But when it comes to supporting General Practice in Greater Manchester it definitely applies.
  • How do I add content to my favourites?

    This article explains how to add content to my favourites, the collection of resources, case studies, members, organisations and discussions that appear on the my favourites page.
  • How do I edit my organisation profile?

    To edit your organisation profile from the top menu select My organisation > Edit my organisation. This article explains the main parts of the organisation profile editing screen and will help you to get your organisation profile published on the website.
  • How do I edit my profile?

    To edit your membership profile from the top menu select My profile > Edit my profile. This article explains the main parts of the membership profile editing screen and will help you to get your membership profile published on the website.
  • How do I publish a case study?

    This article provides a step by step guide to adding, editing and publishing a case study on the website.
  • e-Learning for Healthcare

    e-Learning for Healthcare offers an extensive catalogue of e-learning programmes that enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and provide a valuable reference point which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • The Coaching Academy

    The Coaching Academy developed by the Innovation Agency, the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) for the North West Coast, offers online e-learning courses that are free to health and care colleagues to support innovation and improvement.
  • Life QI

    The Life QI online platform is a project and programme management tool for quality improvement, using quality improvement approaches and techniques.
  • Healthcare hackathons

    This resource explains how the Innovation Agency, the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) for the North West Coast, can help local healthcare organisations to run their own hackathons, gathering people from different backgrounds to form teams, collaborate within a limited time frame, and focus on a specific problem or idea in healthcare to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • What is the quality improvement section of this website?

    The quality improvement section of this website contains the quality improvement wheel for primary care which illustrates the main stages in the design, delivery and evaluation of an improvement project. This article explains more about each of the stages.
  • What is the media library?

    This article introduces the media library, which allows you to edit, view, and delete media previously uploaded to the website. The media library includes images, documents and videos.
  • QI Ready eLearning modules

    The RCGP has produced eLearning modules to compliment the QI Ready network and self-accreditation process. There are a suite of three modules that will assist you in better understanding quality improvement methodologies.
  • Haxby Group Practice: adding a pharmacist to the team

    In this article published in Guidelines in Practice, Dr Michael Holmes and Sarah Woffinden respond to questions on the addition of a pharmacist to the practice team, and discuss the positive impact it has had on both patients and staff alike.
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