GM Greener Practice Group

The Greater Manchester Greener Practice group is for workers in primary care dedicated to providing healthcare in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We are a friendly group meeting every 8 weeks on zoom and have an active WhatsApp group. If you are interested in joining please contact:

Current work

We are currently working on projects to reduce the carbon footprint of prescribing through changing inhalers, from metered dose inhalers (MDI) to dry powder inhalers (DPI) saving the CO2 equivalent of a return car trip from Manchester to Birmingham with each switch!

We are also working on projects to support patients (and each other) to live healthier and with a more positive impact on our environment – such as supporting walking and cycling initiatives.

We are looking to hear your ideas and projects you may already be working on so we can work together to make a bigger impact.

Greener asthma inhalers

NICE have published a patient decision aid that helps people with asthma to choose the inhaler that is best for them and best for the environment.

The aid will help people with asthma, alongside health professionals, to identify which inhalers could meet their needs and control their symptoms.

Where several inhalers could be viable options, patients can opt for the more environmentally friendly option, which may help to cut the health service’s carbon footprint.