The NHS aims to be the world’s first net zero national health service. Download a copy of ‘Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service’.

Primary care is a huge contributor to the overall NHS carbon footprint and it is important that primary care staff are empowered to make changes in the way that we work.

GM sustainability programme

The Greater Manchester sustainability programme supports primary care staff to reduce the environmental impact of their organisations.

Primary care staff have the power to reduce their practice’s environmental footprint whilst improving care quality. Sustainable changes often have huge co-benefits for patients and staff.

Developing local Green Plans

Given the pivotal role that Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) play, each system will also need to develop its own Green Plan, based on the strategies of its member organisations.

How to produce a Green Plan: A three-year strategy towards net zero explains how NHS organisations should construct their Green Plans.

GM Greener Practice Group

The Greater Manchester Greener Practice Group is for workers in primary care dedicated to providing healthcare in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We are a friendly group meeting every 8 weeks on zoom and have an active WhatsApp group. If you are interested in joining please contact:

Read more about the group

Greener Practice Network

Engaging General Practice in actions for the health of patients and planet

Greener Practice Network

Greener Practice is a primary care climate and sustainability network which recognises that the climate and ecological crisis is the leading public health issue of our generation. Read more about the network

Greener AHP Hub

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) play an important role in Delivering a Net Zero NHS. The Greener AHP Hub is a resource for Allied Health Professionals. It provides information and clear actionable steps which AHPs can take to improve their own environmental sustainability. The hub complements the Delivering a Net Zero NHS report.

Green prescribing

Access recordings and learning resources from the ‘Green Prescribing for Sustainable Healthcare: from policy to practice’ event.

Elearning programme

The Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare elearning programme designed to equip healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver healthcare that is financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability in Quality Improvement

The Sustainable Quality Improvement (SusQI) Framework is a practical tool to drive incremental change towards a more ethical, sustainable health system.

In SusQI, the health outcomes of a service are measured against its environmental, social and economic costs and impacts to determine its “sustainable value”.

Sustainability in Quality Improvement
Sustainability in Quality Improvement

SusQI embeds the CSH principles of sustainable clinical practice: prevention, patient empowerment and self-care, lean clinical pathways and low carbon alternatives.

Including sustainability and resource stewardship in QI allows health professionals to respond to ethical challenges such as climate change and social inequalities. It also benefits the QI process itself: inspiring new energy for change, highlighting wastes and opportunities otherwise overlooked, and directing projects systematically towards the highest value improvements.

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