Health and wellbeing

Following a successful bid for pilot funding from NHS England, a health and wellbeing scheme is being developed for all primary care staff in Greater Manchester. 

For all primary care staff


Whether you are a clinician, allied health professional, nurse, administrator or support worker, this scheme is for you and your colleagues.  We will be reaching out to optometry, dental services, community pharmacy and general practice – everyone in primary care who wants to be involved is welcome.

Support networks

Support networks

The Primary Care Excellence programme will run initially until April 2022. During this time we will be testing ways to support you, gathering your feedback and creating networks of support and learning.  We hope the programme will be successful and we can continue as a permanent and valued service.

Primary Care Excellence logo

Look out for the Primary Care Excellence logo and opportunities to be involved, access support services and to give your feedback.

Please share all of this information with your teams and let us know how you want us to keep in contact with you by emailing:

Health and wellbeing support

Our first initiative will be to create a movement of health and wellbeing support in your neighbourhoods and communities.  We are offering training to any member of staff who would like to be a health and wellbeing champion. 

This is about developing listening and support techniques so that you can support those you work alongside. You do not need to be a health professional – this is about equipping all staff with the skills to support each other on a day to day basis.

Once you are trained we will be right by your side to provide you with signposting and points of contact so that you can ensure you are supporting your colleagues in the right way to meet their needs. 

Connect 5 logo

Connect5 is a mental health promotion training programme that increases the confidence and core skills of frontline staff and volunteers so that they are more effective in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

Connect5 focuses on training staff to enable them to support their patients or clients to live well mentally, to better manage their mental health, increase their resilience, and ultimately improve wellbeing.

The techniques used by Connect5 are underpinned by the Five Ways to Wellbeing and a cognitive behavioural model for understanding stress, distress and learning tools for self-management.

Connect5 is an incremental, three-module programme. The programme underpins the principle of ‘Every Contact Counts’ and supports the aim of making the best use of the skills and local contacts of frontline staff. Some staff will just undertake Module 1 whilst others go on to do all three modules.

1. Brief Mental Wellbeing Advice

Aims to raise awareness of how you can support mental health and wellbeing within your everyday practice. The intended outcome of Module 1 is to change the way we have mental wellbeing conversations so that we are confident and skilled to have brief conversations in which we help a person think about ways they can take action to improve their mental wellbeing.

2. Brief Mental Wellbeing Interventions

Aims to develop your skills and confidence to recognise mental health and wellbeing needs and to make effective interventions to improve mental health and wellbeing.

3. Extended Mental Wellbeing Interventions

Aims to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to use a range of strategies and interventions which effectively support people to take positive steps to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

GM Health & Wellbeing Podcast

The Health & Wellbeing Podcast

The latest episodes of the Health & Wellbeing Podcast mini-series are hosted by GM Wellbeing Toolkit creator Sheni Ravji-Smith @sheniravjismith, whose guests share insights into different aspects of wellbeing.

This first episode focuses on the importance of Wellbeing Champions to help shift the cultures we need for good wellbeing across our work places.

Sheni is joined by Michelle Maloney @michellemalon12 from GM Health & Social Care Partnership, and Wellbeing Champion Ann Carey, who is a clinical lead at Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust @WWLNHS.

Download it at 👉