Wigan Borough CCG Practice Managers Handbook

Published: 25th March 2019

A number of Practice Managers and staff from Wigan Borough CCG have created a ‘Practice Manager Handbook’ which includes details of general practice processes and is aimed at providing a starting point for new Practices Managers or a point of reference for existing Practice Managers.

This is not a replacement for practices’ policies and procedures but simply a reference for the things unique to Primary Care that new and existing Practice Managers may find helpful.

Download the Wigan Borough CCG Practice Managers Handbook

The Handbook contains an informal collection of supportive information and the authors hope that the Handbook can be received in the manner it was intended, as a supportive document created by practice managers for practice managers.

The contents aim to provide a point of reference, and because of this, advice should always be sought using the appropriate links to the relevant organisations included in the Handbook.

It is acknowledged that this Handbook is current at the date of publishing (March 2019) however, the information and details contained would need to be revisited and updated  by the User on a regular basis due to the constant changes and organisation of General Practice and the NHS.

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