The Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: COVID-19 Episode 6: Shielding

Published: 22nd April 2020

COVID-19 Episode 6: Shielding (supported by GP Excellence)

There have been a lot of questions within primary care regarding shielding and vulnerable patients. Sara and Lisa speak to Dr Joanna Bircher and Dr Viren Mehta about the confusion and get their thoughts on the subject.

In the episode we cover:

  • ​Demystifying all of the terminology and putting it into simpler terms.
  • What has been asked of primary care with regards to these lists of patients, tips on how to complete these tasks and where to look for help.
  • How to support extremely vulnerable/shielded and vulnerable patients as a practice, and how to safely manage clinical issues that arise for these people during COVID-19.
  • Other groups of patients that might need extra support but don’t fall into the shielded (extremely vulnerable, high risk) category.
  • Patient employment issues in primary care with relation to shielding.

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