NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy offers leadership development resources for individuals and organisations in the NHS, including the healthcare leadership model, a talent management conversation tool and coaching register.

The Academy website leadershipacademy.nhs.uk provides access to a range of useful leadership development and quality improvement resources.

The Academy work is founded on simple and well proven leadership development principles to support leaders to:

  • be at their most effective they need confidence in their role
  • secure confidence they need competence, skills, expertise, experience and support
  • have a breadth of behaviours to draw on to exercise their role in a multi-agency, complex system such as health care.  Lack of development tends to result in leaders having a very narrow range of styles to draw on.
  • develop the right behaviours to build alliances with a wide range of professionals and across organisational boundaries to serve the needs of diverse communities with enduringly complex needs, and
  • engage and empower those working with them, and rely less on old style command and control approaches that inhibit innovation, discretionary effort and a more caring and considerate climate to work that generate both employee engagement and compassion in care.