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National Cancer Diagnosis Audit

Published: 15th September 2015

The National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (NCDA) aims to help review practice processes and improve cancer outcomes. The audit will look at cancer diagnosis and implementation of clinical standards to inform delivery of best care for cancer patients.

The audit uses primary and secondary care data relating to patients diagnosed with cancer to understand patterns of cancer diagnosis for all cancer types and assess the impact of the NICE referral guidelines.

The audit looks specifically at clinical practice in order to understand:

  1. interval length from patient presentation to diagnosis
  2. use of investigations prior to referral
  3. what the referral pathways for patients with cancer are and how they compare with those recorded by the cancer registry

The NCDA will provide new insights that will inform service improvements that in turn help to diagnose cancers earlier and improve cancer outcomes. Find out more about the audit

There are many benefits for GPs and other organisations and networks. The opportunity for clinical improvement is the main driving factor behind the audit.

GPs will need to register with the audit to access their patients’ records and input their data onto the audit portal.

The National Cancer Diagnosis Audit is being operationally managed by Cancer Research UK, but is a broad partnership that involves support and input from: The Royal College of GPs, Macmillan Cancer Support, Public Health England (specifically the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service), NHS England and NHS National Services Scotland.

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