Leadership development opportunities for talented and aspiring leaders in primary care

Published: 13th September 2019


Some of the most wide-ranging changes are occurring in primary care. Primary care includes the largest number of providers and accounts for the largest proportion of patient contacts with the NHS. To meet the needs of a changing population, adopt vital innovations, redesign for greater sustainability and support increasing personalised and integrated care, primary care teams will need to evolve the way they work. In addition, there is growing evidence that building communities – growing local ‘social capital’ – in partnership with local authorities and the voluntary and community sector is essential to achieving better population health outcomes, improved self-management of long-term conditions and in reducing demand. These are leadership challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity which require that primary care professionals are inspired, equipped and supported in leadership roles. Therefore we have developed a menu of leadership development ‘offers’.

The most up-to-date offers can be found on our website www.nwacademy.nhs.uk. Please type primary care into the search facility. Or simply follow the links found further in this brochure on offers you are interested in.


Development Opportunities Primary Care 2019_7

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