Improving access, responding to patients: A ‘how-to’ guide for GP practices

People come to practice management from all walks of life, and our roles can differ significantly. However, we all strive to achieve the same goals – to deliver high quality, responsive and receptive services, reaching out into communities to make a difference to patients’ lives.

Practice managers are leading advocates of new ways of working and are establishing truly patient focussed, efficient services. As we move into this changing culture, it is our job to ensure that we are able to utilise a full range of systems, tools and resources at the front line, which in turn will benefit our businesses.

This guide is a celebration of some of this good practice, sharing the successes and signposting real examples of things that have proven to work, things that make a real difference for patients and the working lives of our staff. It will not only be helpful for practice managers but for all those involved in delivering primary care services.

Download Improving access, responding to patients