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Healthcare Leadership Model

Published: 25th April 2016

The Healthcare Leadership Model developed by the NHS Leadership Academy describes the things you can see leaders doing at work and demonstrates how you can develop as a leader, even if you’re not in a formal leadership role.

The model applies equally to the whole variety of roles and care settings that exist within health and care.

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How it works

The model is made up of nine leadership dimensions, which you can explore in your own time, at your own pace. There is a brief description of what the dimension is about and why it is important, and a section that says ‘what it is not’ to provide further clarity.

For each dimension, leadership behaviours are shown on a four-part scale which ranges from ‘essential’ through ‘pro cient’ and ‘strong’ to ‘exemplary’. Although the complexity and sophistication of the behaviours increase as we move up the scale, the scale is not tied to particular job roles or levels.

Within these scales, the leadership behaviours themselves are presented as a series of questions. The questions are short descriptions of what the leadership dimension looks like at each part of the scale. These are the questions that guide leaders’ thoughts and result in effective leadership behaviour. They are written in the ‘first person’ (Do I . . . ?), but are not meant to be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, they should help you explore your intentions and motivations, and see where your strengths and areas for development may lie.

Nine leadership dimensions

The nine dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model are:

  • Inspiring shared purpose
  • Leading with care
  • Evaluating information
  • Connecting our service
  • Sharing the vision
  • Engaging the team
  • Holding to account
  • Developing capability
  • Influencing for results

Further resources

Once you’ve explored the dimensions, you may want to undertake the free self assessment tool, which helps you to assess your leadership behaviours and more fully understand your leadership development.

A 360 degree feedback tool is also available to help give you insight into other people’s perceptions of your leadership abilities and behaviour.

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