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Haxby Group Practice: adding a pharmacist to the team

Published: 9th September 2015

In this article published in Guidelines in Practice, Dr Michael Holmes and Sarah Woffinden respond to questions on the addition of a pharmacist to the practice team, and discuss the positive impact it has had on both patients and staff alike.

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Key learning points:

  • the ways in which a practice pharmacist can improve the patient experience
  • how a pharmacist can support other practice staff and help reduce GP workload
  • key advice for GPs looking to add a pharmacist to the practice team.

In 2012, the Haxby Group Practice identified the prescription management system as an area that required improvement. Analysis of practice activity showed that a significant amount of GP time was spent on prescription management. The practice was also acutely aware of the looming issues with respect to the GP workforce, and the need for primary care to work with other healthcare professionals collaboratively in order to use GP time more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of patients.

Haxby Group is always looking for innovative ways to provide better patient care. Through working with and talking to pharmacists who worked in the community pharmacy attached to the surgery the group realised the potential impact that a pharmacist could have working directly in the surgery; their medicines management skills suggested they were well equipped to help address the problems with our prescription management system.

Work to introduce a pharmacist into the practice was initiated by the practice after full consultation with all of the partners, and discussion about the roles with our patient participation group.

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