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COPD – Greater Manchester COPD Programme

Published: 4th April 2019

Welcome to the COPD Learning Hub

This online area supports the Health Innovation Manchester COPD programme

(Video) Dr Binita Kane introduces the COPD learning hub

Introduction to the COPD programme

 (Video) Dr Binita Kane introduces the COPD programme and virtual clinic

  (Document) Frequently Asked Questions

The need for the COPD programme 

 (Video) Professor Vestbo discusses the challenges of managing COPD

Understanding the GMMMG Guideline

 (Document) The GMMMG COPD Treatment Plan

 (Video) Professor Singh explains the GMMMG guidelines 

(Video) Professor Vestbo discusses stepping down a patient on inhaled cortico steroids

 (Document) The GMMMG COPD Step down algorithm

 (Video) Professor Singh discusses the step wise approach of COPD

  (Document)  Inhaler device guide

(Video) Professor Singh explains where Gold ABCD fits in

The Virtual Clinic 

 (Video)  GP Dr Fink and the virtual clinic

 (Video) Professor Vestbo and the virtual clinic 

 (Video) GP Dr Burns and the virtual clinic

 (Video) Practice Nurse, Lesley Vernon and the virtual clinic

Smoking Cessation

 (Video) Dr Evison discusses smoking cessation

 (Video) Practice Nurse, Lesley Vernon discusses the challenges around Smoking cessation with Dr Evison

 (Website) The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

 (Website)  IPCRG Position Paper

Pharmacist Role 

 (Video) Pharmacist, Kathryn Hoyle describes how they supported the virtual clinic 

 (Video) Pharmacist, Layla Siebert describes how they support the virtual clinic in Salford


 (Website) Let’s Talk Respiratory

 (Website) NICE COPD Overview

 (Website) BTS Care bundles

 (Website) GMMMG – Clinical Guidance and pathways

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