GM gastroenterology GP education webinar

Published: 5th October 2020

The Greater Manchester gastroenterology GP education webinar was held on the 24th September 2020 and introduced participants to the updated endoscopy referral pathways. Presentations, questions and answers and a recording of the webinar are available to download and watch.

In the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic endoscopy services were suspended except for emergency procedures. Whilst they are starting to increase, for logistical reasons they are not back to normal and there is still a significant back log.

The upper and lower GI referral pathways have therefore been revised based on guidance from NHS England and after consultation with the Greater Manchester GP board and a group of specialists from primary and secondary care.​

Download the following resources from the webinar and watch a Recording of the webinar below:

Upper GI referral pathway

The current referral form is based on most patients being referred straight for gastroscopy.

The form has been altered to support secondary care colleagues to prioritise these patients for gastroscopy using the Edinburgh dysphagia score

Patients who are deemed to be low risk but still require a gastroscopy will be held on waiting lists within secondary care until capacity is available.

Lower GI referral pathway

FIT is now available across GM to support investigation of patients with low risk symptoms of cancer. I have attached the lower GI referral form and recent GP newsletter which highlights the guidance.

For patients with high risk symptoms of cancer:

  • GPs are asked to request a FIT test​ in all patients to support prioritisation in secondary care
  • They do not need to wait for or deal with the result and should not base their referral decision on it.
  • Hospital laboratories will make the result is available to the relevant acute trust
  • If a FIT test is not requested or received the referral will not be rejected.
  • If the patient is deemed low risk by FIT they will be kept on a waiting list and either have a face to face assessment or a colonoscopy at a later date. ​

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