General Practice Nurse competency framework

Published: 8th May 2015

This competency framework addresses the common core competencies and the wider range of skills, knowledge and behaviours a nurse needs, to be a fully proficient General Practice Nurse (GPN).

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It is important to recognise that these competencies may take time to fully develop and consolidate, progress will vary according to working context and the individual. It is recognised that novice GPN’s may already have a significant level of nursing capability in other fields, however the wide remit of the GPN role encompasses many areas of care provision not previously encountered by the new entrant. It is also acknowledged that some nurses may become expert in a more specialist area of care in their practice. However all should ensure they achieve and maintain a minimum level of competency across all areas of the generalist role.

The competency framework aligns the competencies with the Knowledge and Skills Framework of the National Health Service. (DoH 2004). This has at times resulted in certain competencies seeming to overlap with or be equally appropriate to dimensions other than the one in which they are included. The document assumes an entry point to level 5 (newly registered nurse) progressing to level 6 and in some instances level 7 as expert specialist proficiency is achieved.

The competency framework is designed as an initial self-assessment tool to help individuals recognise their current level of competence and identify specific areas for further development. It can form the foundation of a portfolio of continuing professional development to assist all practitioners regularly review their level of competence and ensure they continue work within their scope of their professional practice.

The competency framework can also inform and support commissioning process; the design and delivery of education and training; workforce planning as part of recruitment, retention and progression (for example, job design, benchmarking candidates and the framing of interview questions); practice revalidation and evidence of meeting national quality standards.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner competency framework

The following documents provide guidance for educators, GP employers and aspiring Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Download the General Practice Advanced Nurse Practitioner Competencies Framework and the Assessment documentation for use with Mentor / Assessor

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