Early Diagnosis of Cancer Significant Event Analysis Toolkit

This toolkit aims to support GPs, practice staff and commissioners in conducting high quality cancer Significant Event Analysis (SEA) with the aim of improving patient outcomes in the early diagnosis of cancer.

Download Early Diagnosis of Cancer Significant Event Analysis Toolkit

Cancer SEAs prompt a GP to reflect on their diagnosis, and identify any potential improvements in practice systems using documentation or proactive safety netting.

At CCG level, a cancer or quality improvement lead may find emerging themes and use local intelligence to address and manage issues. Cancer SEA can support dialogue between the primary and secondary care interface and have benefits for clinicians, practices and patients.

This toolkit may be used by CCG or cancer leads, practice GP leads or any GP in a practice delivering training to inspire and engage GPs by demonstrating the worth of a quality cancer SEA.

The toolkit includes guidance for leads to extract themes from SEAs in order to make recommendations for quality improvement in general practice and across the primary-secondary care interface.