Chain SMS

Published: 25th March 2019

Does your practice use Chain SMS?

Chain SMS is available from AccuRX ad can be used by practices to send text messages to patients for a range of purposes including recall, care plans, patient information and delivering test results.  Using Chain SMS benefits both practice and patient including time and cost saving, improved access and engagement with ‘hard to reach’ patients.

Why SMS – Over 95% of the UK adult population use a mobile phone. Most messages take a few seconds to arrive, and the short format keeps messages concise. The low cost of sending an SMS makes more frequent communication possible and allows patients to receive messages when away from their home address. There is no need for an account/login/install (as with an app) and there are low levels of ‘spam’/marketing (as with email and post.

Further information on the benefits of text messages can be found here:

Download the protocol for further information on appropriate use of the service and how it is embedded in the running of the practice.
Practice protocol for SMS messaging using Chain SMS

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