Research FAQs

This page provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Research and the New GP contract, Indemnity and General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR)​.

New GP contract

Research is specifically addressed in the new GP contract Section 8, page 55 – Supporting research and future contract changes

8.1 ‘NHSE will work to increase the number of people registering to participate in health research to 1 million by 2023/24’

8.2. ‘we will use the opportunity created by PC networks to increase GP research participation levels’

It also states that the role of the network clinical lead will include facilitating research amongst practices.


Research implementation is covered by the new national GP indemnity scheme as part of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice.

General Data Protection Requirements​ (GDPR)​

It’s important that you explain to your patients how you will be using their personal data, and what their rights are under the law.

NHS organisations and GP practices are expected to link from their webpages about research and about general use of patient information, which is available you to access at:

​In addition, GP practices are expected to publish information about the research projects they are involved in. Such records should include details of the sponsor, allowing participants to access further transparency information provided by sponsors.

Separate guidance is provided by the HRA about information to be published in relation to the role data protection officers, information governance officers and research governance managers: