Boost your income through research

Delivering research can generate extra income for your practice or PCN. Income varies according to >whether the study is academic or commercial and the complexity of the study.

Income from Academic Studies

Visit review the studies that are currently open or being set-up in Greater Manchester. The study summary or RISP (Research Information Sheet for Practices provides details of the income your practice will receive for taking part in a study.

Please note that in addition to receiving payment to deliver such research, the CRN core team (including research nurses, clinical trials administrators and research practitioners) can also provide free ‘hands-on help’ to support the delivery of academic research in your practice.

Income from Commercial Research

Commercial Research can be financially rewarding, especially for sites that have established a good reputation for delivering studies to time and target. However, study opportunities, like buses, can be unpredictable. Our CRN team can provide support throughout, including with feasibility, expressions of interest, contract negotiations, site selection, site initiation visits and mentoring. However, please note that as commercial studies are fully costed, our staff cannot provide free hands-on support for delivery.

Research Site Initiative (RSI) funding – Baseline support funding from the CRN

Currently, research-active practices may apply for a small amount of baseline funding from GM CRN each financial year. The GM RSI scheme is reviewed every year and this year’s scheme can be viewed at

The purpose of RSI is to help set-up practices who are new to research and support practice development and the delivery of NIHR portfolio academic research. This is public funding so ethically we need to be transparent with our funding.

Remember: Research training is free

All training required to deliver research is free from the NIHR. You can access by signing up for an NIHR learn account

The CRN team can also visit your practice to provide research awareness training to all staff and any interested patients.