Organisational models 2 - reproduced from original image © NHS Photo Library

You can consider your culture and context to be the soil in which the intervention will germinate. The soil needs to be as favourable as possible to allow the intervention to be successful. Context is the local and national environment in which you operate.

Culture covers your practice values, attitudes and ways of working. It includes your practice team, patients and stakeholders: how you involve them and interact together on a daily basis. Your patients and stakeholders are therefore included at the heart of the QI wheel.

Without a culture and context that is keen to experiment, and supportive of trying something new, it will be hard for change to occur, or be sustained, regardless of what tools or methods you use.

This section of the website provides you with tools to analyse your own context and culture, which you can then use to and the best way to create a context that is supportive of the change(s) you wish to make.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Context and Culture

    This RCGP Quick guide helps practitioners to reflect on the context or environment in which a quality improvement intervention is to be introduced.

  • RCGP Quick guide: The QI Wheel for Primary Care

    This RCGP Quick guide explains the Quality Improvement wheel for primary care, a simple visual representation that illustrates the the main elements to consider in design, delivery and evaluation of a QI project, acting as a guide to the stages involved.