Find out more about the podcasts that we produce or are involved with including the GP Excellence Podcast, the Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast and the Health & Wellbeing Podcast.

GP Excellence podcast

In the first episode of the GP Excellence Podcast Simon Merchant and Scott Mallin, Directors of Interdigitate, discuss how they are supporting Greater Manchester Primary Care Networks to meet the needs of their patients in an enduring way.

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Primary Care Knowledge Boost podcast

In the latest episode of the Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast Doctors Lisa and Sara speak to Dr Rachel Morris, host of the wonderful podcast You Are Not a Frog, to learn about assertiveness in General Practice.

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GM Health & Wellbeing Podcast

The GM Health & Wellbeing Podcast mini-series is hosted by GM Wellbeing Toolkit creator Sheni Ravji-Smith @sheniravjismith, whose guests share insights into different aspects of wellbeing.

In this episode Sheni is joined by

In this episode Sheni is joined by Dr Cath Munro @CathNhs who shares her insights about how we can look after ourselves through menopause in the workplace, and the things that we might want to pay attention to keep ourselves well.

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