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Jane Wilcock

Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 8HP, UK@janewilcock

I have worked in the same general practice all my career and am currently a part-time salaried partner.

I enjoy medical education and taught individuals, moving into group teaching then to university life (at which time I ceased to be a GP principal and became part-time) and now work  just in my GP practice.

I have taught undergraduates in practice and as  a small group tutor for 2 local universities. I have taught and organised postgraduate GP trainees on their local vocational course as a primary care medical educator and been a GP trainer for many years. I have been a lecturer, year curriculum lead and year assessment lead at a NW university. I have been a MRes supervisor and authored many educational articles and two books; How to get the best from your GP practice (for the public) and General Practice Today:a guide to modern consultations (for GPs and allied HCPs).

I have undertaken some GP research as an independent researcher, without external funding so no conflicts of interest and am supported in this by excellent expert colleagues. I have a certificate in medical education and MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. I am currently  (2020) vice-chair of NWE faculty RCGP and chair an interest group, the overdiagnosis group,of RCGP. My email is if anyone wants to discuss improving knowledge in primary or community care.

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