Improvement tool: Time and motion study

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  • Improvement Leaders in Primary Care programmeAQuA's Improvement Leaders programme will support you to build upon your existing knowledge whilst learning new skills with our team of expert improvement advisors and leaders of improvement in primary care.
  • Robert VarnamI’m a proud GP in inner city Manchester, but am also passionate about helping people to do their job better, and about changing the environment in which we all work. I’ve been a GP in Rusholme for 20 years. I also work at NHS England ...GP and Director of General Practice Development (NHSE)
  • Sue SmithsonI am Practice Manager at Whitley Road Medical Centre. I enjoy being part of a team of excellent clinicians who put their patients needs at the forefront of care delivery. As a PM with a Nursing background, I believe  leadership should facilitate and ensure effective, safe ...NA0161 20516951 Whitley Road, Manchester, UKPractice ManagerNANA
  • QI Ready self-accreditationQI Ready is a self approval tool to assist you in better understanding quality improvement methodologies. It offers clear examples of QI in practice and will help you to improve your knowledge and skills in this field.
  • Bill TaylorI am a clinical lead for Quality Improvement. I have had an interest in improving quality for many years and recently have been delivering training to general practice in various quality improvement methods and tools. 077935918220122486164263 Cairnlee Avenue East, Cults, United KingdomClinical Lead Quality Improvement, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Haxby PROACTIVE projectHaxby Prospective Review Of Patient ACcess, Time Management and Workload to ImproVe Efficiency (PROACTIVE) project will have three overarching themes: Patient Care, Sustainability and Collaboration. These themes will be visible in all work streams and changes that are developed. 01904 724600

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