• Improvement Leaders in Primary Care programme

    AQuA's Improvement Leaders programme will support you to build upon your existing knowledge whilst learning new skills with our team of expert improvement advisors and leaders of improvement in primary care.
  • Reducing harm to patients taking high risk drugs in Salford

    Practices Improving the Safety of Medicines in Salford, otherwise known as PrISMS, was a Breakthrough Series Collaborative designed to improve medication safety in 8 Salford GP practices with a view to scale up across all GP practices in Salford.
  • Life QI

    The Life QI online platform is a project and programme management tool for quality improvement, using quality improvement approaches and techniques.
  • COPD Primary Care Audit 2015-2017 report: Planning for every breath

    Planning for every breath is the second of the Welsh COPD primary care audit reports and presents data relating to primary-care-delivered COPD care in Wales. The first Welsh primary care audit report was published in October 2016. A quality improvement (QI)-focused slide set, as well as seven local health board specific reports depicting results at ... Read more
  • Quality Improvement Project (QIP) Guidance for GP Trainees

    The RCGP has produced some guidance for GP Trainees completing a Quality Improvement Project (QIP) as part of their training. Engagement with Quality Improvement activities is a mandatory part of the curriculum for GP trainees (‘Gold Guide’ Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK, 7.32) and has become an established part of UK ... Read more
  • Reporting and Learning from patient safety incidents in general practice

    The purpose of this guide is to: • maximise opportunities to learn from patient safety incidents in your practice, and to share learning via organisational or national reporting systems • outline a process for learning from patient safety incidents in your practice. Where appropriate, this guide will signpost existing well-written resources and does not seek to replicate their content.
  • Examples of driver diagrams

    This presentation includes examples of driver diagrams which have been used in QI projects.
  • Driver diagram template

    A driver diagram illustrates a ‘theory of change’, that can be used to plan improvement project activities. This technique provides a way of systematically laying out aspects of an improvement project so they can be discussed and agreed on collaboratively by the project team.
  • RCGP Quick guide: Driver Diagrams

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces driver diagrams, a tool to help you to organise your improvements in a logical way, so that everyone involved can see how the planned changes will lead to the desired improvement.
  • QI Ready self-accreditation

    QI Ready is a self approval tool to assist you in better understanding quality improvement methodologies. It offers clear examples of QI in practice and will help you to improve your knowledge and skills in this field.
  • Whitedboard video: Driver diagrams

    In this video Dr Robert Lloyd from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement introduces driver diagrams, which are used to helps you to translate a high level improvement goal into a logical set of underpinning causes or drivers.
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