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  • Improvement Leaders in Primary Care programmeAQuA's Improvement Leaders programme will support you to build upon your existing knowledge whilst learning new skills with our team of expert improvement advisors and leaders of improvement in primary care.
  • General Practice Improvement Leaders ProgrammeThe General Practice Improvement Leaders Programme is a free training programme designed for GPs, practice managers, nurses, project managers and facilitators working in general practice to support the GP Forward View. The programme provided by NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team offers step-by-step tools and techniques to help build skills and confidence to lead service redesign in general practice.
  • Is your practice ready for improvement?My experience has shown me the two most important features in context are time and teamwork. Getting your whole team together to focus on an area of work, where everyone gets to input their thoughts can be very helpful.
  • Context checklist for QI ProjectThe context checklist breaks down context into nine elements. Consider each in turn and decide whether they are applicable to your situation, and whether any action is required.
  • QI Ready self-accreditationQI Ready is a self approval tool to assist you in better understanding quality improvement methodologies. It offers clear examples of QI in practice and will help you to improve your knowledge and skills in this field.
  • Context checklist for diabetes careConsidering context and culture first will allow quality improvements to flourish. The context checklist allows practice teams to consider what needs to be in place to encourage improvement in diabetes care.

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