• GM gastroenterology GP education webinar

    The Greater Manchester gastroenterology GP education webinar was held on the 24th September 2020 and introduced participants to the updated endoscopy referral pathways. Presentations, questions and answers and a recording of the webinar are available to download and watch.
  • Support to Achieve QI QoF Domain

    The Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) are offering general practice members tailored support to help practices to achieve the QI domain of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) in Prescribing Safety and End of Life Care.
  • Sharing practical experiences of Quality Improvement

    This webinar hosted by the RCGP on 6 December 2016 gave clinicians a chance to learn about increasing capability using Quality Improvement, and share experiences of what works for them and the challenges they face.
  • Motivating others to take part in Quality Improvement

    This webinar followed 'Sharing practical experiences of Quality Improvement' and provided more information on the new self accreditation and online website, QI Ready, alongside sharing tips on motivating members of your practice in quality improvement.
  • Webinar – How Quality Improvement can positively impact on patients with diabetes

    This was the second of two QI in Diabetes Care webinars and was held on the 12th of January 2017, and followed ‘The experience of improving diabetes care’. This second webinar further explored issues surrounding improving care for patients with diabetes. The Webinar focused on patient experience and how Quality Improvement methods and tools can help ...

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  • Webinar – The experience of improving diabetes care

    This webinar explored issues surrounding improving the diabetes care using Quality Improvement methods and tools. The webinar gives an introduction to QI tools and methods, looks at their use in practice setting, and points to available resources.
  • Quality improvement: the role of context and how to manage it

    In this webinar Bill Lucas is joined by a panel of experts to explore why context needs to be taken into consideration when attempting improvement, and what skills best help professionals to manage context effectively.