• RCGP Quick guide: Fishbone diagram

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces Fishbone diagrams (also called cause and effect analysis) which are used to help to identify and display the root causes of a problem.
  • RCGP Quick guide: Clinical audit

    This RCGP Quick guide provides the standard headings for a clinical audit report and gives tips on how to define and fulfil each section. It attempts to keep the process simple and will satisfy the requirements of General Medical Council (GMC) revalidation.
  • RCGP Quick guide: Process and Value Stream Mapping

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces process and value stream mapping, techniques that creates a visual representation of all the steps in a process.
  • RCGP Quick guide: Significant event analysis

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces Significant Event Analysis a technique to reflect on and learn from individual cases to improve quality of care overall.