Cornbrook Medical Practice Case Study: Networking with Local VCSO Partners

Cornbrook Medical Practice (Cornbrook) is a multi-site GP Practice comprising of 13,000 patients, one of the largest in Manchester. The two sites are located in the heart of Hulme and Manchester City Centre. Hulme, has a high proportion of young people with severe and enduring mental health problems and has a significantly higher rate of people who do not speak English. There are also higher than national rates of elderly isolated people, students, substance misuse, poor exam results, hospital admissions and lower mortality rates. With the recent regeneration of the area Cornbrook is also seeing its list size exponentially increase.

Cornbrook is passionate about treating patients in a holistic way; addressing their social, mental, wellbeing and physical needs so that it becomes a beacon of health and wellbeing care in the community for its patients and local residents. The Practice has been through a significant period of transformation recently with the addition of a new Business Manager, Jermaine Chappell, and a set of new GP partners to add to the already excellent team of GPs, Nurses and Staff. This year Cornbrook has focused on what it can do to support vulnerable patients in their circumstances besides their health to improve their quality of wellbeing and how it can work with its community earlier on to ensure people live longer, better and have their needs supported (prevention).

This strategy has seen the addition of the following services at Cornbrook in the past 6 months:

  • Partnership with Manchester Cares, a neighbourhood befriending service for Hulme residents aged 65+
  • A VCSO led Flu Campaign
  • Cornbrook City Road Community Garden
  • Hulme Neighbourhood Notice Board
  • Board representation at Age Friendly Hulme
  • 65+ Christmas Carol Concert
  • Christmas Cards
  • Community Explorers Representation
  • Homeless Flu Vaccines

HIV opt out testing week

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